Creative Making is Powerful!

Art making is so good for you! We believe intentional creativity is a key to holistic well-being. Our five Creativity Zones help you develop a personal creative rhythm that fits your life perfectly. Whether you're a seasoned maker or just starting out, this framework will empower you to unlock your full creative potential and live a more vibrant life.


    Like a bee gathering and storing nectar, the Inspiration Zone is where you collect diverse ideas and experiences. Here, you explore widely, storing creative inspiration to fuel your future projects.


    Like a curious and playful dolphin, the Play Zone is where you try new ideas and techniques just for fun. You create without pressure, letting your imagination splash with joyful abandon.


    Like a sunflower turns toward the sun, grows, and blooms, the Purpose Zone is where you create with intention, focusing your efforts on creative projects that grow you into who you want to be.


    Like a transformed butterfly, the Expression Zone is where you unfold your inner world and transform personal experiences and emotions into creative work, giving voice to your unique perspective.


    Like a whale dives deeply, the immersion zone is where your interests develop over time as you dive into focused effort, refining your skills and ideas through dedicated time with your chosen work.

Giving Back

Athentikos is a non-profit whose mission is "to restore holistic well-being through the transformative power of creative art programs." Sound familiar? I have been involved with Athentikos for years as a supporter, a workshop leader, and a board member.

We most often work in Central America and partner with organizations who are based locally or doing long-term work.

It's an honor to support Athentikos with a portion of our proceeds.

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